About Us

Anonmgur was created with the goal of making a free, fast image host with a URL encryped so it would take a computer thousands of years to guess the file name of a specific image.

Terms Of Service

• If you would like to donate to Anonmgur please do so at our patreon page. Every dollar helps.

• Upon using anonmgur you agree that you won't upload anything illegal or use anonmgur maliciously or in any way other than it's intended purpose, which is to provide free, uncensored and anonymous image uploading and hosting.

• Anonmgur does not censor any material. We do however reserve the right to moderate and remove any illegal or potentially illegal content.

• Images belong to their respective poster and not to anonmgur.

• If you come across anything hosted on Anonmgur that you feel may violate the law or our terms of service please use our contact form to let us know.

Short URLs

Anonmgur.com was created with the realization that user accounts and short or easily guessable filenames greatly decrease anonymity, however we are also realists and know that some people prefer or need a shorter URL in some circumstances. This is why we have added the Short URL option. We just want you to be aware that a short URL with a 4 character filename does not have the same encryption as our full 32 character filenames, and is therefor much more easily guessable. Use at your own risk.

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